Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Pig?

Out of all of the universes in infinite space ours may be the only one that experienced  a fall, THE FALL.  We may be the only part of God's creation that used the gift of free will as we did. By partaking of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil man did receive that knowledge. ( It seems the first man suffered from a desire for more even when he had it all. Sound familiar? We'll think about this later. )   


So, in essence, he traded his, and all of his descendants existence of bliss for a pig in a poke.  The really bad part of this is the pig turned out to be no pig at all, but Time itself.


  Man was cast from his eternal bliss onto a dark path to watch all he loved, needed, and desired wither and die before him as he also suffered the ravages of time. 

 He no longer felt free for he was bound on every side by time.  There would never again be a free lunch.

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