Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Third Birthday, Cohen

This is Cohen on his first day here with us. 
 Here Aunt Anna is all smiles and hugs for Cohen as we all celebrate his first birthday.
Big sister, Sophia, is taking many pictures of Cohen on this exciting day. 
 Daddy is taking a lot of pictures too.
A whole year has flown by and we are all celebrating Cohen's second birthday. Oh, my goodness, Cohen is so excited.  He loves his Thomas the Train cake.
Cohen has made a wish is blows out his two candles.  Good job, Cohen 
 Ah, it isn't the cake that was so breath taking but the trains that were on top.
Another year of growing and learning has flown by.
Cohen has reached another milestone.  He is three years old and ready for more of what this world has to offer, especially if that is a Big 3 made of cup cakes with Thomas the Train running on his tracks across an English pastoral countryside of iceing.    
 Daddy gets to put together a few tracks for yet another Thomas and make sure the Steam Works is in tip top shape. 
 The gift of the day from Mommy and Daddy receives one more push from Aunt Moo Moo before it is bedtime..


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  1. Happy Big day to Cohen. what a big little man he is now !!


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