Friday, January 18, 2013

Cohen decided to pick a coordinating outfit out to wear after nap time.  He 
 chose blue shorts with an orange stripe down the sides and a pair of his sisters red shoes.  When I saw him I had to run for the camera.  He was slightly embarrassed and a little unsure of himself but gained confidence as the photo shoot went on. 

He is just beginning to perceive there may be an invisible line that boys must know about beauty and color, a line not to be crossed if you want to be 'manly' .  You are to know beauty, but also know when to admit you know it, and if you ever wear it, make sure it is black, navy or brown.  And,
maybe, never ever wear your sisters red shoes. That is, unless you have on your unmatched Thomas the Tank Engine socks.
Of course, I did not tell him that.  Grandma' knows he is beautiful no matter what he wears and tells him so.  A fine young man is a fine young man. 

 In a few minutes he decided he wanted to play with is trains and cars so rushed to change into more appropriate attire for these adventures. 



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