Friday, September 30, 2011

4 leaf the hand full !

I picked these 4 and 5 leaf clovers in less than 5 minutes.  It's freaky man!  I picked more than this ( in the same spot ) several days ago.   And that's the truth too!  They must be bad  luck now....
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There were a lot of major changes in the family this past  year.  Most of them have taken place since early spring and during these hot summer months.  Some were joyous  events and some bordered on the tragic.  A few have been chronicled here as they happened and some have not not been mentioned at all.  I will review those already shared and add some I have not. 
P6110029 (2)Holly graduated from high school and is now attending Mitchell Community College,  She wants to transfer to a four year program after she receives her associates degree and continue on to become a meteorologist.

P6110074Patrick, who, as you know is in the security forces in the Air Force,  has been in Kuwait for several months now.  Trey finished his grade school years and is now a freshman at Reynolds High School in Winston Salem.  I believe you can tell by their hair cut which boy is which! 

P7180059Clarence and Marian moved from Winterville, NC to Chesapeake, VA.  Clarence accepted a transfer with FedEx which should be for at least a year.  They may come back to NC with his next offer of a new terminal to manage.  We shall see…..

After 20 years of marriage Mauro and Wendy have separated.  It will take some time for this to be accepted by the kids.  No matter how grown up they are this is a shattering experience for them, as well as their father. 

Vincent is settled into working the 24 hour shifts at the fire department. He is at a busy station so they are out several times a day and during the night. Most calls are auto accidents and EMS calls as they are first responders.
Toni is working for Catholic Charities as an adviser/counselor for unwed and teen mothers.

The day care Sophia has been attending is closing so I will be watching both children again on Vincent's  work days.  That usually works out to one or two days a week.

 Margaret and Tessa are busy attending  and entering their pups in dog shows around the state.  They couldn't be happier.
Margaret is becoming interested in  Russian Toy Terriers like she is holding here.  She is, at present,  training her Italian Greyhound for show and Tessa is showing a Chihuahua, so I don't believe she will get a Russian Toy anytime soon...... I am a bit anxious that she is looking though!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


P9280009Trey invited me over for supper last night and he, Anna and I had a nice meal at their favorite Italian restaurant.  When we returned home Funyun took his toys and bones out of his crate and sat in the floor mouthing and chewing them.  After a few minutes of watching him I called, and, to say the least,  he became very excited .  As you can see he flew to me from his where he was lying on the floor.   I snapped this picture just as he lept into my lap.  He believes he is a lap dog.
As an aside here….when Anna and Trey rescued Funyun as a puppy they were told he would be no more than 35 lbs. at maturity!   Yea' right!  But, no matter;  he is a wonderful pet and a very sweet dog…alibet a strong dog.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prepare for take-off.....

These are the last of summer's insects and blooms.  The flying insects are so sluggish that I don't know how they manage to stay aloft once they have struggled to leave their landing pad!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Introducing newest members of the pack.....

Cyrus would like to introduce the newest members of the household.
These are Margaret's newest babies.  Banjo, an the Italian Greyhound,
which she is training to show.  He is a pretty pup and to say he is full of himself is an understatement. 
 True to this breed's character, Banjo, will chase anything he sees running; a real sight hound.
This is Rikki, a darling long haired chihuahua.   He is not a puppy, he is 3 years old, and has been shown many times.   Margaret is helping Tessa, ( our Grand-niece who is 11 years old ) to become a professional handler and Tessa is handling Rikki.  Tessa has been in 9 shows and has already made it to Junior handler and worn all but 2 of the times she and Rikki have been in the ring.  She a Rikki are a great team.   
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is in the air

The dogwoods are changing into their Autumn attire.   

A lone Black Eyed Susan stands at a steps edge.

The last of the Zinnias are blooming.

And, the pool is closed for the winter.
We can comfortably wear our blue jeans and still be fashionably correct in our open toed Princess Shoes.  ( As long as they are not white ! )

And, get away with wearing long sleeves and shorts.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My mother is 90.....

These are a few older pictures of my mother when she was  young.  The one above was made when she was in college.  She is standing in front of a statue of Saint Anthony which stood on the campus of her all girls Catholic school.   This was probably 1942.
Below is a picture made on Mom and Dad's wedding day in May of 1944.  She was 23 years old.

By 1957, when this photo was made, our family was complete.  We were living on Great Lakes Naval Base in Illonois.

And here is mom, still beautiful,  at her birthday celebration earlier this month.    Although mother has not to kept the mother daughter connection open with any of her girls,  I still think of her and hold her in my heart and prayers.  Happy Birthday Mother! 

*This last picture is from one of my cousins which attended the birthday get together and posted it to facebook.  Thanks cous!*

Monday, September 12, 2011

Now THAT"S a mushroom!

This beautiful thing is growing at the base of a large oak which stands on the fence line on the east side of the yard....  I believe it is a chicken of the woods  mushroom.  They are eatable and have many medicinal qualities.  I'm afraid to try it though.  The operative words being " I believe"....not,  "I'm sure.".

Here are two smaller things  growing to the side of the same oak.  I wish I had had a yard stick to stand beside them when I took these.  They are huge.  You can't get any idea of their size by these pictures.  

Here are a few shots I was able to sneak in of Little Man when he wasn't looking.   

 As you may have surmised, Cohen can lead me anywhere; all he need do is point.

Photographing Cohen

These are the usual kinds of pictures I can get of Cohen.  As soon as he sees the camera pointed in his direction, or, for that matter,  hears the jingle the camera makes as it is turned on, he turns his face away and runs.    These are pictures from our walk outside today.


And, these are from Friday's outing.   As luck would have it, Jim hadn't put the  tractor  away after mowing and Cohen did as all little boys do when he spoted it, lost himself in the excitment of the moment.  And Grandma' was able to get that perfect shot...                            

(That's ok, Grandma',  I can get up by myself.
 Well, maybe a little boost wouldn't hurt.)

I was able to catch this wonderful picture of Cohen lost in the joy of climbing aboard his BIG RIDE and then looking right at me when I had the camera ready to take his picture! 

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