Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How does your garden grow?

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Thanks to my brother, Leo, for passing this on to us....

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hear the whistle blowin'.

Here she comes!
...She's so BIG!  .
Hear the whistle blow and the clack clack of the trains wheels? There is no rhythm, heard and felt,  like that of a train in motion.

                                                                    What a ride! 

A wondrous day exploring the life of trains.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Put On Your Happy Face!

I must say this fellow is a rather happy chap.  Look at that smile!  I'm not sure how long he will have that grin on his face though.  I put this little fellow,  and two of his buddies, out onto the dark, wet soil  under the vine and weed growth around the pool house after Vincent had netted them from the hazy depths of the cement pond.  (  Margaret has removed the pool cover in order to prepare the pool for summer. )   I hope they  will be able to make it to a place they can survive.  I believe these are Bull Frogs:  they need more water to survive in, and around, than little toads do.     

Sophia was not too appreciative of the frogs beauty.  Cohen was a little more open to an introduction.

If I am wrong about these frogs species let me know.  I tried to identify them properly and they look like young Bull frogs to me...but what do I know about frogs!?  The only other types of  frog they are similar to seem to be the Green and Bronze frog or the Green frog.  These frogs are from the North Carolina Piedmont area.  ( Lexington, NC )

I need to credit these photographs to Vincent Messina...Sophia and Cohen's dad.  Toni, their mom,  is in the pictures holding Cohen and it is my hand holding Mr. Frog.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sophia obliges me in my request to push her hair out of her eyes for this picture.  
Here Sophia stands in front of her flower bed.  The seeds she planted are coming up and it won't be long before the plants are ready to blooom.  This is one proud little girl!

 The blue berries are well on their way too....
Honeysuckle overtakes a fense post...

More flower photos......

Mother's Day Flowers

Margaret's flowers

My flowers

Anna and Trey came by on Mother's Day with beautiful flowers for Margaret and myself.  Trey did a grand job of picking just the right bouquets for each of us.  Anna also made and gave each of us a beautiful home- made card.  I also received a beautiful card from Marian.  She did an exceptional job on the card's design and it contained a touching ,  wonderful note inside.
Sophia and Cohen gave me a framed  poem about little children growing up fast and stamped above the poem is each of their hand prints;  these prints being keep sakes of their childhood.  To say the least , I love the picture and am thrilled to have it.     

Friday, May 6, 2011

A walk around the yard with Cohen

A walk with Cohen   reveals great changes in the yard.  The peonies are in full bloom, they look grand and smell absolutely wonderful.  

The sweet smelling honeysuckle blooms give no indication of the problem this vine is.  But, I must admit there is nothing like the aroma of  honeysuckle on the humid summer night air.
This mock orange has the whitest of white blooms.  They seem to be glowing with sun light from within rather   than reflecting it.. 
 These Siberian Iris are in the iris bed at one end of the pool area.

Murphy, being  his ever diligent self,  is following  Cohen as he explores the yard.
Cohen stops for a moment as he hears a Mockingbird singing from the crab apple tree.
This old fashioned  rose bush is one of many around Margaret's property.
Here Margaret takes a short break from her yard work.  She likes to get out early in the morning while it is still cool.  After a few hours weeding and clearing flower beds she is ready for her lunch and a nap.