Friday, May 20, 2011

Put On Your Happy Face!

I must say this fellow is a rather happy chap.  Look at that smile!  I'm not sure how long he will have that grin on his face though.  I put this little fellow,  and two of his buddies, out onto the dark, wet soil  under the vine and weed growth around the pool house after Vincent had netted them from the hazy depths of the cement pond.  (  Margaret has removed the pool cover in order to prepare the pool for summer. )   I hope they  will be able to make it to a place they can survive.  I believe these are Bull Frogs:  they need more water to survive in, and around, than little toads do.     

Sophia was not too appreciative of the frogs beauty.  Cohen was a little more open to an introduction.

If I am wrong about these frogs species let me know.  I tried to identify them properly and they look like young Bull frogs to me...but what do I know about frogs!?  The only other types of  frog they are similar to seem to be the Green and Bronze frog or the Green frog.  These frogs are from the North Carolina Piedmont area.  ( Lexington, NC )

I need to credit these photographs to Vincent Messina...Sophia and Cohen's dad.  Toni, their mom,  is in the pictures holding Cohen and it is my hand holding Mr. Frog.


  1. That is one SMILEY frog! So cute! Poor Vinnie, never gets a day off; he's always saving lives. :)

  2. Oh These are the cutest frogs ever! I think with those strong back legs you are right that they are bull frogs.


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