Saturday, November 16, 2013

 It was an exciting day for the children in Sophia's class as they each were walked the cat walk in their favorite fashions.  Sophia carefully chose her clothes for the big day.  Nothing but her brightest and best would do.  I'm  very sorry I wasn't able to attend the event as I am sure each child was at their most beautiful. 

            Chicken stew and chili all around at this wonderful get together. 
Toni invited me to join her for an annual chicken stew and chili dinner the parents of one of her friends from  work have held each year for 15 years.  There were folks from all over clamoring for stew and chili, not to mention the deserts.  In fact, I met a very pleasant lady, a cousin to Sara's father, that was in from California.  She was in just for the dinner. 

Due to an intense rain which brought a rapid temperature drop there was a huddle on the back porch and a quick donning of sweaters and jackets.  As soon as the rain abated everyone re-set the tables, dried their chairs and filled their bowls with good hot vittles. 
Even though it stayed hazy for the remainder of the evening I enjoyed getting pictures of the property and outbuildings.
 This was the original kitchen to the house. 
              Sara's mother has decorated the well house with colorful dinner wear.