Thursday, June 25, 2009


I heard someone say a Blog was a site for losers. Is this true?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maybe I should try an IM service.....I've put a "Ping Box" on this blog! Now I can talk to myself instantly! I have found chat rooms don't exist any more. Or, if they do, they've gone wouldn't have to be too deep for me to loose them.


There has to be a way to get my name out there! I know millions of bloggers are on the net at this very moment. Tonight, during the lonely late night hours, there will be even more blogger-heads roaming the darkest corners of Blog Land. Why are you not knocking at my door?
This could be hard on my ego had I not learned from E-Harmony and PlentofFish that all the opposite sex, and I mean All, are a lot pickier than I am. That's why I'm using Cyrus' pictures. You know, lie a little, put out a pretty face and hope to develop a Pen pal. ( And to think, I'm not trying to live in harmony or catch fish; I just want to enjoy the thrill of the pen and the exchange of ideas.
Is there anyone out there who will take up this challenge? ( In spite of my facial handicap, oversize body, and old age? ) Keep in mind I am female; no longer 15, and put my bikini away decades ago.

COME ON PEOPLE...BE NICE....OK, I swore I wouldn't beg....
I just want to blog!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, wait a minute! I am! This might be fun! I'll go it alone if I have to.

Now, this is beauty!


I thought I would add a few more pictures of Cyrus.
He discovering that thistle has a bite of it's own.

Picasa Web Albums - Starred Photos Butterflies - Starred Photos Butterflies

Picasa Web Albums - Starred Photos Butterflies - Starred Photos Butterflies

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It looks as if my popularity is as high, if not higher, than I have ever seen it. It must be my way with the written word. Of course, the excitement that I add to this blogg surely has much to do with the way it has taken off. It won't be long before the commercial interests will be beating at this blog door and we won't have room to write one anther. You'd best get on this train while you can!
How's the weather? Life treating you good? Heard any good jokes lately?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Good afternoon! Cyrus has been in rare form this day. The warm weather; sunshine, and evening showers, have put him in an amorous mood, he is a bit excitable to say the least. He is very vocal today, telling me to ,"Come here" and ringing like the telephone. He rings the same number of times as as the telephone before the answering machine picks up in the hopes that I will answer the phone near his cage. He is a rascal.
I am new to this blogging stuff....if there is anyone out there with a blue and gold macaw, or that just wants to blog about there pet bird, please drop in and chat. I will be pleased to have a few blogging friends and learn about you and your adventures with you feathered friend, or if you have fibromyalgia and/or have had a heart attack. I would love to hear how this has changed your life and personality. After my heart attack I was told by several people I was different. And, I feel like a different person too. I don't mean in the spiritual sense, I mean mental and physical. It is like I woke with a my head screwed on a different body! To top that, I knew I was different but could not articulate how. I would like to hear from others about their experiences since their illness.

just a beginning note

I said I would be back and I finally made it! It has been a long ride to get here. My tale is one of horror, pain and incredable laughs....I will not keep you in suspense much longer.
I thought surely I would die before now. Not from my heart, but, from a hair ball. I live with my twin sister and her husband...and their 11 dogs, 7 cats, and 2 parakeets.