Thursday, June 18, 2009


There has to be a way to get my name out there! I know millions of bloggers are on the net at this very moment. Tonight, during the lonely late night hours, there will be even more blogger-heads roaming the darkest corners of Blog Land. Why are you not knocking at my door?
This could be hard on my ego had I not learned from E-Harmony and PlentofFish that all the opposite sex, and I mean All, are a lot pickier than I am. That's why I'm using Cyrus' pictures. You know, lie a little, put out a pretty face and hope to develop a Pen pal. ( And to think, I'm not trying to live in harmony or catch fish; I just want to enjoy the thrill of the pen and the exchange of ideas.
Is there anyone out there who will take up this challenge? ( In spite of my facial handicap, oversize body, and old age? ) Keep in mind I am female; no longer 15, and put my bikini away decades ago.

COME ON PEOPLE...BE NICE....OK, I swore I wouldn't beg....
I just want to blog!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, wait a minute! I am! This might be fun! I'll go it alone if I have to.

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