Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace & A Water Baby

P6250843Day lilies being over taken by maples and the side yard wood.

Sophia all prepared for the big leap.


How did I do, Daddy?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Days

The children are having great fun playing with their new floats and goggles. They don't look at all as if they could sink , but Mommy is there keeping a close watch just in case.
It was actually too hot for me to play in the water with them.  I was able to stay out just long enough to get a few pictures.

A butterfly is enjoying the last of the cone flowers offerings. 

Below is one example of having missed a great photo opportunity because my camera does not have any zoom features to speak of.  If you look closely at the bottom picture there is a blue bird at the nest box entrance, her head is covering the nest box hole.  She is so close in color to her weathered  home that you can hardly see her.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A few more flower pictures and a dip in the pool.

flowers in yardA few cone flowers and day lilies.

flowers in yard
flowers in yardflowers in yard

 I went down to join Vincent and the children in the pool just as the sun was starting  to go down.                              kids in poolkids in pool
The water temperature was almost as high as the outside air.  Getting in the pool was like getting into a warm bath.  It still managed to be refreshing swim though.  
kids in pool

Monday, June 18, 2012

My baby celebrated his birthday on June 16.   It fell on the Saturday before Father's Day as it did when he was born.  I don't know how often that will happen in his lifetime.   It made the day a little more special anyway.   
I am glad you were born.You make my heart sing.

Lots and Lots of pictures

Goldfinch through sunroom windowGoldfinch through sunroom window These pictures are a bit blurred as I took them at some distance from the birds and through a sun porch window that has been coated with a sun block film.  I love the little gold finches and am thrilled whenever I spot them around the house.   Margaret lets the thistle grow where ever it takes a mind too because the finches love it so much.  Goldfinch through sunroom window

Goldfinch through sunroom windowGoldfinch through sunroom window


Jim brought these Easter lilies home  from his church and Margaret planted them near the end of a row of day lilies.

Sophia talking to the flowers. 


I told  the grandchildern that the flowers liked to be talked to and they grew better and were happier if they felt love.  Sophia took right to the idea and started talking to the day lilies just like she does to Cohen.  She used her sweet baby voice and was asking them if they needed water and told them it would rain soon and that they were beautiful.   

Aren't these hydrangeas beautiful? I believe they are the darkest blooms I have ever seen. These indoor pictures catch the deep blue color,  but do not show how close to being a very dark purple they are.   


Margaret has not been able to work in the garden much this year so a lot of the wild flowers are taking over.  She gets pretty discouraged with herself when she sees how much work needs to be done.  I feel bad for her and have great empathy as I know how it is when you are unable to work at your pleasure.

It is good to see the day lilies in bloom.  The year before last Margaret put the wrong fertilizer on them and they didn't bloom at all last summer.  It was scary actually.  We look forward to seeing them bloom and would have hated it if they had been poisoned and died. I know Margaret would have been heart sick if they hadn't bloomed this year.