Friday, July 29, 2011

Credit where credit is due



I had plans to post more pictures from my trip to Virginia, but, have instead decided to write of other things.  Things in these photos that have stirred my heart and evoked long forgotten emotions and memories. 
 I am drawn into the singing waters of this mountain stream.  I am transported back in time.   I build dams.  I  search for living creatures under each  stone.  As I pick each stone it is examined and admired. Holding a stone in each hand I clap them together and I listen as their sound follows the creek's path, turns the bend and is heard no more.  I dream the dreams of childhood. 
I smell  dark, rich, damp and mossy soil.  I hear the rapping of a woodpecker upon a hollow tree,  the calling of birds  high above me and hidden among the shadows.   I feel the smooth wet stones in my hands. I wiggle my toes to push away the creek bed stones to reveal the soft sand and clay underneath.  I am alone and I am unafraid.
It is glorious!
Mountain creeks never get warm.   It is always a test of endurance and stamina to   even  contemplate plunging ones toes into the creek's flowing waters.  I must prepare myself for that first step into the shallows.  The cold stings and causes the muscles of my feet to rebel.  My toes contort into unnatural and painful positions and I want desperately to scramble to the comfort of dry warm earth.  But, I know if I endure,  shortly the water will not be so cold, nor the creek bed's stones so hard and unforgiving. 
There is that knowledge of childhood which does know the language of the stones and does  understand the chorus of the rushing water.
 For I sprang from the very spring of these waters and I desire to dwell here, within the wood forever,  or at least until dusk.  Until then I am a builder and a dreamer of dreams.

Today I pray my grandchildren will know of the earth and be the builders and dreamers of this world. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

 These blooms are on the bushes at each side of the back stoop leading to the screened porch on the back of Marian and Clarence's home.  It has been so hot that we can't be outside for any length of time but, I know Marian and Clarence will get a lot of enjoyment out there this fall.  I am sure their pets, Annie, a lab mix, and her cats, Pedro and Boxer, will too. 

There is a a deck above the screened porch which is off of the master suite.
I have liked each house Marian has lived in since she has been on her own. From her own town house to the homes she and Clarence have shared.  This is my favorite by far.   Although they sold their home in NC they did not buy here as they didn't find just what they wanted.   This home's floor plan is so much like their other homes that every piece of furniture and picture fit right in.   

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Introverts Here…

IMG_0011IMG_0018IMG_0023IMG_0027IMG_0033IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0070IMG_0084-1Take a good look at the size of the bull compared to the rather short legged cow beside him.  Impressive...
IMG_0089 " Got anything for me? "

This pot bellied pig is trying to stay cool the only way he can.  Pigs do not sweat.
IMG_0131Ah!  How sweet.

"The pellets or your life!"
IMG_0104"You can have it my wallet too.  Want a kid?"

I would be a little anxious about some of these creatures eating from my hand!  They do look pretty well clothed and fed though. At least not ready to stampede toward the passing automobiles.
IMG_0144I spoke too soon!
IMG_0154Now this big guy can keep his distance...I hope!
IMG_0170As for Babe here, she looks happy enough.

These pictures are also courtesy of Vincent and Toni.  This menagerie,  ( plus many more not pictured ), resides at the Lazy 5 Ranch,  off of HWY 150, in Mooresville, NC

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing in the creek….

I am posting a few pictures of Vincent and the children as they play in the creek behind Kerr Mill.*   It was an incredibly hot day and they had been in the car with the windows down and the air conditioning off while they rode through the Lazy 5 Ranch and fed the varied and wonderfully strange animals that are there.  I have several pictures they made at the Lazy 5 and will thrill you with those as soon as I have completed this post.                                   
For some reason the top two pictures blurred when I tried to resize them here.  I apologize for their poor quality.  The originals are very clear.
These pictures were taken by Toni, my star daughter-in-law, Vincent's wife and the mother of Sophia and Cohen.
*This restored Mill is located in Sloan Park off of Hwy 150 in Mill Bridge, Rowan County, North Carolina

Friday, July 8, 2011

Up Early

Cohen and I had an early start on the day this morning.   We came up-stairs to find Aunt Margaret and discovered she was already out in the yard.   As we passed my room Cohen saw Foo Kitty and had to pet him. 

Once outside we found Margaret picking blue berries.  Charlotte, the little brown dog in the picture below,  LOVES  blue berries and will sneak them out of their container as they are picked. She'll eat them until she is sick if she can.  To appease Charlotte, Margaret will give her a berry every once in a while.

Cohen likes the blue berries too, but not like Charlotte does!
Cohen touches a black berry before he gives it the taste test.  He eats one but declines the offer of another.

Here Cohen plays in the tunnel made by the rows of corn.  The corn rows are very dense as the corn was planted too close together.  Margaret wasn't sure how a vegatable garden would do as she has only had her herb and flower gardens here.  She says next year she will have a bigger garden and plant using fewer seeds/plants per hole and place the rows further apart.
  What a suprise it has been  to see how well the garden has done and how very much it is producing.  The soil is  giving us wonderfully sweet vegtables in abundance.       

I am especially glad to have these pictures as Cohen usually turns away whenever you want to take his picture.  He is not the camera loving model Sophia is.

 Isn't this picture a riot ?   Cohen would hold his shorts up when he walked through any weeds tall enough to touch his legs .

Cohen checks out this mornings blue berry harvest.  I'd say that's pretty good for three little shrubs that were 'picked clean '  yesterday and the day before.  
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