Saturday, July 23, 2011

 These blooms are on the bushes at each side of the back stoop leading to the screened porch on the back of Marian and Clarence's home.  It has been so hot that we can't be outside for any length of time but, I know Marian and Clarence will get a lot of enjoyment out there this fall.  I am sure their pets, Annie, a lab mix, and her cats, Pedro and Boxer, will too. 

There is a a deck above the screened porch which is off of the master suite.
I have liked each house Marian has lived in since she has been on her own. From her own town house to the homes she and Clarence have shared.  This is my favorite by far.   Although they sold their home in NC they did not buy here as they didn't find just what they wanted.   This home's floor plan is so much like their other homes that every piece of furniture and picture fit right in.   

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