Friday, July 8, 2011

Up Early

Cohen and I had an early start on the day this morning.   We came up-stairs to find Aunt Margaret and discovered she was already out in the yard.   As we passed my room Cohen saw Foo Kitty and had to pet him. 

Once outside we found Margaret picking blue berries.  Charlotte, the little brown dog in the picture below,  LOVES  blue berries and will sneak them out of their container as they are picked. She'll eat them until she is sick if she can.  To appease Charlotte, Margaret will give her a berry every once in a while.

Cohen likes the blue berries too, but not like Charlotte does!
Cohen touches a black berry before he gives it the taste test.  He eats one but declines the offer of another.

Here Cohen plays in the tunnel made by the rows of corn.  The corn rows are very dense as the corn was planted too close together.  Margaret wasn't sure how a vegatable garden would do as she has only had her herb and flower gardens here.  She says next year she will have a bigger garden and plant using fewer seeds/plants per hole and place the rows further apart.
  What a suprise it has been  to see how well the garden has done and how very much it is producing.  The soil is  giving us wonderfully sweet vegtables in abundance.       

I am especially glad to have these pictures as Cohen usually turns away whenever you want to take his picture.  He is not the camera loving model Sophia is.

 Isn't this picture a riot ?   Cohen would hold his shorts up when he walked through any weeds tall enough to touch his legs .

Cohen checks out this mornings blue berry harvest.  I'd say that's pretty good for three little shrubs that were 'picked clean '  yesterday and the day before.  
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  1. WOW! That's a ton of berries! I totally love the pictures of him picking up his pant legs and the one of him peeking through the corn. What a cute fellow! Is that step intended to help Cohen to get on the bed or Foo???


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