Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've been trying....

to take pictures of the Gold Finches as they feed on thistle growing near the pool.  Every time I try to sneak up on them they zip right off.  They are skittish little rascals, and I am not known for my ability to go stealth . pictures except these 2 very poor ones.. See? There he is, sitting pretty a you please, mocking me!  And, giving me a raspberry!!   

Two more glads of color.

I did manage to capture  a few Skippers as they fed on the last of the blooms in the herb garden.

Look at the butt on this guy!  He had to squeeze into that gladiola blossom.
Now, I want you to know this is the BIGGEST Bumble Bee I have ever seen.  This critter is HUGE !  I'm surprised he could get airborne! Thank goodness he didn't object to the photo shoot.
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