Wednesday, November 21, 2012

                                   HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL

Poke Berries Devine

Male Purple Finch
For two weeks the birds have been flitting back and forth across the yard like crazy.  They would land in the magnolia and from there dart into the forsythia hedgerow.The shrubs were planted along what at one time was the driveway leading into a garage underneath the house.  I wake to the birds loud chirping as they fuss with one another.  There are many finches,  gold and purple, a pair of cardinals, a mockingbird that lives in the crab apple tree and, of course, the big black birds that don't bother with anything in the yard as there are plenty of corn fields around us.  They do love to add to the chorus though.  I found the menagerie were trying to get the last of the poke berries left on a what  once was a fine specimen of the herb growing through the hedgerow.  It was on its last leg and had only a few berries left.  But, the little ones wanted to fill their bellies with the delectable berries.

When I was little I would go out into the yard and along its edge  with  my Grandmother while she picked tender young leaves from the poke weed and the small light green leaves of dandelions to use as a salad.  She would add lettuce if she had it and  then pour hot bacon grease over the leaves to wilt them.  That, a cold biscuit left from breakfast, or a slice of last nights cornbread and a glass of buttermilk would be lunch.  Sometimes there would be fried country ham to reheat and stick between a sliced biscut or  to break up and 'garnish'  the greens with.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh, Joy of My Heart !

And, sometimes it's just nice to have a tail to hold.....
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My Newest Grandbaby

 Marian decided to adopt a kitten so Pedro would  have a buddy to keep company with during the day. I believe it is a good thing for Marian too. She misses Boxer in a huge way and this will help her heal. YumYum will also be with her as Pedro ages .  He is 12 years old now but still jumps around and plays like a kitten.
Pedro doing what Pedro  does  best.
This is YumYum, just home from the rescue cat fair.  Or is that cat rescue fair?  Whatever.  She frightened and tired here.
 Annie has greeted YumYum in her usual laid back way.  No energy expended by that dog, she just lies or sits on the floor and moves her eyes to watch kitty.

No need to get up.  Yes, we still love you, Annie.
It's all right, don't be afraid YumYum.

YumYum, who is 3 months old and small for her age, has been spayed and checked by the rescue center's veterinarian but she will be going to the family vet. so they can meet each other and check YumYum's left eye as it seemed a bit weepy yesterday.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sophia Goes Dancing

Tonight the annual Father Daughter Dance is being held at Sophia's school.  Sophia and Daddy dressed up to go to dinner and then dancing.  Sophia was so excited she took a long nap this afternoon so she would be able to stay up late with Daddy.  She is old enough to anticipate events and plan for them.  It was " very fun " for all of us to share in her real excitment about going out.  She had picked her yellow Easter dress to wear but Mommy suprised her by bringing her a new purple dress for this evening.  She was very pleased.  She and Daddy look very pretty tonight.

Daddy and Sophia pose with Cohen for a few pictures and then they are out the door and on thier way..

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Saturday, November 3, 2012