Monday, November 12, 2012

My Newest Grandbaby

 Marian decided to adopt a kitten so Pedro would  have a buddy to keep company with during the day. I believe it is a good thing for Marian too. She misses Boxer in a huge way and this will help her heal. YumYum will also be with her as Pedro ages .  He is 12 years old now but still jumps around and plays like a kitten.
Pedro doing what Pedro  does  best.
This is YumYum, just home from the rescue cat fair.  Or is that cat rescue fair?  Whatever.  She frightened and tired here.
 Annie has greeted YumYum in her usual laid back way.  No energy expended by that dog, she just lies or sits on the floor and moves her eyes to watch kitty.

No need to get up.  Yes, we still love you, Annie.
It's all right, don't be afraid YumYum.

YumYum, who is 3 months old and small for her age, has been spayed and checked by the rescue center's veterinarian but she will be going to the family vet. so they can meet each other and check YumYum's left eye as it seemed a bit weepy yesterday.  

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  1. She is sitting here with me on the couch now as we read your blog post. And by "sitting" I mean she is hopping around looking at stuff, trying to grab it, then running in the opposite direction. She is a cutie pie!! Pedro is asleep in his tree house, but seems to be feeling a little better today. He was VERY angry yesterday. Also, YumYum really seems to suit her as when it's quiet and I don't see her, I'll listen and can hear her crunching away on her Kitten Chow.


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