Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Safe Place for Their Treasures

I asked my daughters to keep an eye out for a small curio cabinet or some type of display case for Sophia and Cohen to keep their found treasures in.  I knew they would eventually find something but was very surprised when only a few days after mentioning it they brought in this grand little display case.  Marian found it for an unbelievably low price as one of the side pieces of glass was out and the remaining side piece had a small corner chip.  Margaret took the side glass we had to a glass shop and
had 2 new side pieces cut for $7.00.
The children were very excited to put their treasures in the cabinet. 
Sophia made a display label like the ones she has seen in museums and placed in on the  door.
She has used an identification label large enough to add identifiers to as items are placed on display.
The paper reads as follows: Nest and butterfly and eggs, bones, feathers, stones Love, Sophia and Cohen   
The nest is that of a  Carolina wren. It contained one unhatched wren egg and one  alien egg.  The extra egg does not look like a cow bird's egg but I can't identify it.   In the picture's foreground is the wren egg, the remaining egg is larger than the wren egg and is bluer than the picture shows.  Can any of you identify it? 
I found the nest after the babies had fledged and it was abandoned.  It was built in the roll of a canopy that is above our patio doors. 

Scriptural Rosary, Beginning Prayers Of The Holy Rosary

Scriptural Rosary, Beginning Prayers Of The Holy Rosary  

  This is a wonderful site to use if you want to say the Rosary along with someone, to read as you silently pray or for anyone wishing to learn how to say the Rosary.
   My main reasons for enjoying and recommending this site are that you are given the choice of hearing either a woman or a man pray in a distinct voice at a reasonable pace.  I'm slow with my vocals because of my southern drawl and because I cannot think as fast as I could before I had a heart attack . This site offers me an enjoyable change when I want pray out loud or want to refresh myself with all of the Mysteries of the Rosary.   

An Old Woman With a Rosary
Paul Cezanne

Monday, July 1, 2013

Margaret's Garden

Day lilies  


blue berries 
 Thistle drawing in the gold finches
 Glads beaten down by heavy  rains
 Flash resting in a clay pot
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A Day Trip

After a breakfast of chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes ( for the children ) and plain buttermilk pancakes  ( for the grown-ups ), Vincent took us into Durham to the Life and
 Science Museum. 
 At the museum's outdoor section
 the kids made music,
excavated for roads in the sandbox,  

bird watched,  
 visited the butterfly habitat, 
 had their pictures made,
  and hiked into the dinosaur's forest. 
 Sophia is reading well and here helps Cohen understand a map of the park's trails.
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