Monday, February 28, 2011

OH, NO !!!!

I missed my daughter-in-law's birthday yesterday!  Wendy, I apologize!  I surely hope you had a good day and that everyone else remembered to send you gifts and greetings on this most important of days.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sophia and her gardening buddy....

Sophia plants seeds in the beds Murphy has dug in her garden. 
It didn't take long for all of the beautiful red seeds to be plucked from their bag and dropped into their bed of powdery red Carolina  Clay.

 Now all to do is wait.

                                          Sophia walks back to the stoop to sit with me and watch her plants grow.  As if by magic the seeds spring from the earth and reach into the heavens.  Sophia is very pleased.  We clap our hands and I praise her master gardener skills. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guess what!

The camera thief brought my cameras back!  She put them underneath the yarn in my knitting bag!  Can you believe that?  I know it happened last night because I had already looked under the scans of yarn and the knitting in the bag several times just to be sure I hadn't put them there myself! So, you see?  I hadn't hid them myself, I don't think so anyway.....
Let's see what is on the memory cards, not mine, the cameras'.  I have an idea my memory card is a bit shy of full so we'll go to the cameras cards and take a peek.  This should be a suprise for all of us! 
Well, I can't get the pictures on....they will have to be shown later!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Alas, my cameras have gone missing......

Yes, my cameras are gone,  lost, kaput, AWOL, STOLEN from my car!  Unless I hid them from myself, which is possible, as every time I put something somewhere that I can find it when I need it,  it seems to disappear. ( But, I am sure they were stolen and are gone for good. )  So, I will post a few old pictures just to let you know I have not gone missing!  I will include a few pictures from years gone by.

I was just reading about Camellias and found this picture which I thought lovely enough to copy.
Toad from garden.
July 2007
I took this picture when my brother took me to my first time ever trip to an aquarium in Tulsa, OK, of all places!  What fun it was!

Prim Rose

Lambs Ear, Russian Sage, peonies....among other things in the herb garden.

Wild flowers: Violets, I don't know what the yellow flower is.  What I've called Butter Cups are different than these....
All in Margaret's garden.....
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A new blog for introducing our animal crafting buddies

Here Foo (aka Kitty Foo-Foo), lets me know it is bed time and I must stop scrapbooking.

If you want to enjoy the company of  some crafters of the furry or feathered kind hop on over to  It looks as if it is the start to a great blog. 

Here Cyrus watches me using my laptop to post on my blog.

Vintage...and excuses, excuses....

I hope everyone realizes my vintage post was done tongue in cheek....since I had no comments I am afraid too many of you took it seriously.  I LOVE vintage and love reading the blogs on the retro and '40's modern homes and interior design.  So, if you know of  any blogs that are dedicated to the atomic/retro styles list  them in comments so we can share the pleasure of reading them.
I will be posting again soon.  I have had a fibro. flare and it has kept me in bed for several days and, it hurts to hold my arms up to type.  It will pass and I will be back to my ol' mean self soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Son !

Today is my oldest son's birthday. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sophia has a double!

This is LadyBug , Halloween 2010

This is MiMi, a Penny Black stamp.


It seems "Vintage"  is the thing to blog.  Everywhere I look it's "Vintage" this  and "Vintage" that.  You know the blogs of which I speak, they sport pictures of the 'neat' & 'cool, '50/'60 /'70's stuff and act as if 45's and 78's are from outer space.  But,  gee whiz, could you guys not wait at least until a little more time has passed before our stuff is put on display like real collectibles?  Neither has enough time passed,  nor,  have a sufficient number of the original owners  been underground long enough to warrant such excitement over the wonderful finds from Goodwill or, ..oh wait a sales.  OMG we are dying off!  And in... gulp... sufficient numbers!  It isn't that we are replacing the worn-out furniture - since - the - kids - are- all- grown, and giving the it to Goodwill, or having yard sales ourselves.....that is  the new furniture, suddenly turned vintage,  and our grown kids are giving it to charity! ( Or if they're smart selling it themselves.).... As Sarah Palin says, "WTF"!
  We thought our folks stuff was old-fashioned and strange, and our grandparents stuff just plain old.  An antique was collectible and worthy of a place of honor in our home, but only when it was a "real" antique.  It had to be at least one hundred years old and  made of "'good wood".  Now,  the "made in occ japan" what-nots and dishes are being searched out, paid more than retail for, and placed atop all of the " vintage", "retro", and "atomic" furniture one can fit into a '50's ranch. Then they are photographed and gushed over on the new owners blog.  ....I wonder if one of these collectors gives " Duck and Cover" a thought?  What is the world coming to!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Neat, huh?

image credit:

and as seen on The Featured Creature web site/blog

The Kookaburra

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Margaret’s Needlework

DSC03635Margaret has been busy with her embroidery and doll making.  As you can see she has done some really nice work.  I  like the colors and the life and movement in these bell pulls.  They are ‘older’ patterns  she has sewn before as gifts, but, these she will be keeping  for herself.  DSC03636
This  ‘critter is a lamb.   I think.   And, I believe she is a ballerina, she has a tu-tu and toe shoes on anyway.    Margaret made this  for Johanna. 
Margaret made a frog backpack for Tessa . I will have to get Tessa to bring it from home so I can post a picture of it here.  It is a wonderful little creature.