Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guess what!

The camera thief brought my cameras back!  She put them underneath the yarn in my knitting bag!  Can you believe that?  I know it happened last night because I had already looked under the scans of yarn and the knitting in the bag several times just to be sure I hadn't put them there myself! So, you see?  I hadn't hid them myself, I don't think so anyway.....
Let's see what is on the memory cards, not mine, the cameras'.  I have an idea my memory card is a bit shy of full so we'll go to the cameras cards and take a peek.  This should be a suprise for all of us! 
Well, I can't get the pictures on....they will have to be shown later!


  1. So glad that you found your cameras!!!!

  2. Hello Mary; I am so flattered that you have popped up on my old blog as a follower. :)
    You're very kind.
    I'm glad to hear you have recovered your camera.
    Heavens, I'd be lost without mine. Mind you I'm always putting things down, and forgetting wjere I put them! :(
    Reminds me of a little Ditty :-
    "Sometimes I can’t remember…
    When I’m standing by the stair,
    If I should go up, for something…
    Or, if I just came down from there.
    By the fridge so often…
    My mind is filled with doubt,
    Did I put some food away…
    Or come to take it out?"

    Ha,ha. It comes with 'old age' I believe! :)


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