Monday, February 21, 2011

Alas, my cameras have gone missing......

Yes, my cameras are gone,  lost, kaput, AWOL, STOLEN from my car!  Unless I hid them from myself, which is possible, as every time I put something somewhere that I can find it when I need it,  it seems to disappear. ( But, I am sure they were stolen and are gone for good. )  So, I will post a few old pictures just to let you know I have not gone missing!  I will include a few pictures from years gone by.

I was just reading about Camellias and found this picture which I thought lovely enough to copy.
Toad from garden.
July 2007
I took this picture when my brother took me to my first time ever trip to an aquarium in Tulsa, OK, of all places!  What fun it was!

Prim Rose

Lambs Ear, Russian Sage, peonies....among other things in the herb garden.

Wild flowers: Violets, I don't know what the yellow flower is.  What I've called Butter Cups are different than these....
All in Margaret's garden.....
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  1. I love the aquarium picture and the zinnias in a row. I want to have an aquarium like that one day. :)


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