Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage...and excuses, excuses....

I hope everyone realizes my vintage post was done tongue in cheek....since I had no comments I am afraid too many of you took it seriously.  I LOVE vintage and love reading the blogs on the retro and '40's modern homes and interior design.  So, if you know of  any blogs that are dedicated to the atomic/retro styles list  them in comments so we can share the pleasure of reading them.
I will be posting again soon.  I have had a fibro. flare and it has kept me in bed for several days and, it hurts to hold my arms up to type.  It will pass and I will be back to my ol' mean self soon.

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  1. Oh! I have that post saved, because I was going to comment. I, too, am very sick of vintage stuff not being real vintage stuff and antiques just being old crap. I'll be happy when "old-timey" is the phrase people will use to describe their 'old looking' junk. :D


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