Saturday, February 5, 2011


It seems "Vintage"  is the thing to blog.  Everywhere I look it's "Vintage" this  and "Vintage" that.  You know the blogs of which I speak, they sport pictures of the 'neat' & 'cool, '50/'60 /'70's stuff and act as if 45's and 78's are from outer space.  But,  gee whiz, could you guys not wait at least until a little more time has passed before our stuff is put on display like real collectibles?  Neither has enough time passed,  nor,  have a sufficient number of the original owners  been underground long enough to warrant such excitement over the wonderful finds from Goodwill or, ..oh wait a sales.  OMG we are dying off!  And in... gulp... sufficient numbers!  It isn't that we are replacing the worn-out furniture - since - the - kids - are- all- grown, and giving the it to Goodwill, or having yard sales ourselves.....that is  the new furniture, suddenly turned vintage,  and our grown kids are giving it to charity! ( Or if they're smart selling it themselves.).... As Sarah Palin says, "WTF"!
  We thought our folks stuff was old-fashioned and strange, and our grandparents stuff just plain old.  An antique was collectible and worthy of a place of honor in our home, but only when it was a "real" antique.  It had to be at least one hundred years old and  made of "'good wood".  Now,  the "made in occ japan" what-nots and dishes are being searched out, paid more than retail for, and placed atop all of the " vintage", "retro", and "atomic" furniture one can fit into a '50's ranch. Then they are photographed and gushed over on the new owners blog.  ....I wonder if one of these collectors gives " Duck and Cover" a thought?  What is the world coming to!

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