Friday, August 24, 2012

Sophia's first day of school

Sophia was all smiles as she headed out for her first day of school this past Wednesday. 
She received all kinds of special hugs and kisses on her way out. ( This is  Aunt Margaret with Sophia. )

Mommy was very excited for her little girl.It was a special day for Mommy too as it was her Birthday.  Two special occasions on one day. 
Sophia will wear a uniform everyday to school.  For these first few days she is allowed to wear a red tee shirt with her school name and a picture of the school mascot on it.  At the beginning of the week she will have to change to a white polo shirt with her navy skirt, white knee socks and navy shoes.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Trip and a Dip

Vincent, Toni and the children spent most of yesterday in Spencer at the NC Transportation Museum.
The children were very pleased with the results of having left their pennies on the train's rail to be flattened.  The pennies left their impression on the rail too.

 Holding Daddy's hand helps Sophia to keep her balance as she walks on the train's track.

Everyone loves Thomas! 

 There is fun and excitment on the rails. 

After their long day at the train museum a dip in the pool was just what everyone needed. 

Here Toni and the children are enjoying the soft grass in Reynolda Park.
Toni caught Vincent moving my car out of the garage and she could not resist taking his picture.  He would rather walk 10 miles than be seen in my " old ladymobile  ".  I had to add to Toni's tease and put Vincent's  ' caught in the act ' photo here for all to see.  ( Vincent teases back by covering his face but that will do no good, we all know who he is. )

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pictures by Sophia

Sophia let me take her picture so I could post it with the  photographs she took as we walked around the yard. 

I tried to get Cohen to look up for this shot but he would have none of it.

 Sophia's self portraits.

Kitty Foo watching out the front door

 Flash, ( aka, Lost and Found ) following the children hoping for a few scratches around the ears.

Georgia and Emily, "a sunning in the sun."

Pictures of the Fall garden.

Pretty Marigolds

A nicely framed composition.  I believe she has an eye for this medium.

Well...maybe not......Sophia. Honey,  give Grandma' the camera back.

Pizza delivery man is here.....

Before we go inside....
Flash does get his scratches.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Emily July 29, 2012  This is Jim’s cat, Emily.  She has lost a lot of weight recently so Jim took her to the vet.  She was diagnosed with a liver disease and she has been placed on medication.  We are hoping it will relieve her condition and help her to feel better.
EmilyEmily is around 14 years old and Jim is pretty attached to her.  He doesn’t want her to be ill or to suffer during her last years. 
She is a sweet little lady.   She is standing here to let me know she wants a scratch.
July 2012