Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Trip and a Dip

Vincent, Toni and the children spent most of yesterday in Spencer at the NC Transportation Museum.
The children were very pleased with the results of having left their pennies on the train's rail to be flattened.  The pennies left their impression on the rail too.

 Holding Daddy's hand helps Sophia to keep her balance as she walks on the train's track.

Everyone loves Thomas! 

 There is fun and excitment on the rails. 

After their long day at the train museum a dip in the pool was just what everyone needed. 

Here Toni and the children are enjoying the soft grass in Reynolda Park.
Toni caught Vincent moving my car out of the garage and she could not resist taking his picture.  He would rather walk 10 miles than be seen in my " old ladymobile  ".  I had to add to Toni's tease and put Vincent's  ' caught in the act ' photo here for all to see.  ( Vincent teases back by covering his face but that will do no good, we all know who he is. )

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  1. I know Vinnie secretly desires to drive your convertible. One day he will be tough enough to do it! :)


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