Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pictures by Sophia

Sophia let me take her picture so I could post it with the  photographs she took as we walked around the yard. 

I tried to get Cohen to look up for this shot but he would have none of it.

 Sophia's self portraits.

Kitty Foo watching out the front door

 Flash, ( aka, Lost and Found ) following the children hoping for a few scratches around the ears.

Georgia and Emily, "a sunning in the sun."

Pictures of the Fall garden.

Pretty Marigolds

A nicely framed composition.  I believe she has an eye for this medium.

Well...maybe not......Sophia. Honey,  give Grandma' the camera back.

Pizza delivery man is here.....

Before we go inside....
Flash does get his scratches.

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  1. Haha! She caught you in the act! I was wondering who that guy was. Dating the PizzaMan, I see.


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