Monday, March 29, 2010

This is my grandson, Patrick, and my granddaughter, Holland.  They came to visit me yesterday.  Patrick is leaving for the Air Force today.  Pat and Holly came to the house because I had neglected to take any pictures of us together while I had been to visit them earlier in the week and they knew I wanted some pics of us together before Pat left for Texas.   We all had a fun visit and  their Great-aunt Margaret took us all out to eat.  We had a wonderful time.  And, as you can see we made some photos. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

                                         HANDSOME COHEN!


This picture of Sophia captures
something of the human condition
that touches me very deeply. I simply
love looking at it. The beauty, innocence
and uninhibited self study of childhood
is caught here.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring and Birds. Life is good.

  My goodness!  I feel like it has been forever since I had any news to post.  I have been waiting until I had photos and news of interest to share.......seems it has been the same the same ol' same ol' around here.  I am like a child, I tend to forget that my same ol' may actually be news to someone else.  As in,  "You mean my thoughts are not your thoughts, and my world not your world?"
  For the last several days I have heard the birds singing in the early morning sunshine, they are as anxious to herald in the Spring as I am to see it.
  I feel I've already seen more Eastern Blue birds and Gold finches than I did last year!    I love watching the swift up and down flight of the Gold finches. I can hardly focus on them as they dart from one tree to another.  I did catch sight of one long enough to see a bright yellow patch of new feathers peeking through it's sparrow like winter coat.  The blue birds are their usual shy selves.  Flying over the open areas of the yard as they ready for their moves back into their summer homes.  None of them tarry except for their momentary stop onto the tops of last years cone flowers and thistle to search out any seeds left though the winter siege.
   I am encouraged by the number of sightings as last year seemed devoid of birds and butterflies.  I felt sad and afraid for them and mankind!