Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is all the rain these clouds delievered!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My word!  I didn't bring any cold weather clothes with me to Denver,  which goes to show I know nothing about Denver's weather!  I have had to wear one of Vincents long sleeve shirts and the one pair of jeans I did pack in order to try and ward off the cold.  What I actually  need is a nice warm sweatsuit and some wool socks!  After a very nice first week here it has turned very chilly and rainy.  We even had a hail storm Sunday!  This is not what I am used to.  Leaving Lexington, NC when it was in the high 80's and even reaching  into the high 90's  did not induce me to pack for cold weather.  That does not speak well for my ability to think outside of the moment/condition I am in nor of my ability to plan for any eventuality when I am on the road!  I  did pack long cotton slacks and cotton short sleeve and sleeveless tops....Those would be too warm at home but are like no covering at all in the cold air here.  I am glad I packed one pair of thick socks just in case I needed them, and one pair of  running shoes as they are a necessity now.  I plan on a quick trip to the Ross store to see if I can find a sweater or sweatsuit for days and evenings like this.  And, of course, a nice pair of wool socks to keep my feet warm at night!  My summer PJ's will just have to do as I am not going to spend any more than I absolutely have too....I want to spend on things I want...not things I need..besides, I have enough of that sort of thing at home...where they are helping me not at all!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here is Grandma and  Cohen enjoying themselves at a cook-out given by friends of Toni and Vincent.
 Toni and Sophia playing

This fellow is ready for the party to end so he can get some sleep! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Patrick has graduated from his basic training in the Air Force.  He will be in Texas in tech. school for the next 13 weeks.  He is to be in security.  How proud I am of him!  And, as you can see,  his sister Holly,  the one on the left and his mom, on his right in the above picture, are as proud as can be too. ( His dad was there but is the one taking the pictures.)  His mom is  beaming in the picture below and how can you blame her!   You can tell they are mother and son can't you!   Patrick we love you so!

Margaret would love to have some of these iris in her garden.  I must say her yard is as lovely as this garden and her iris beds are as beautiful too.
Out to eat after our visit to see the flowers in the Denver Gardens. 

I finally was able to hug and kiss my newest grandchild!  What a treat.  And a fine little man he is!  Always happy and as sweet as can be.Sophia is a doll!  We have been have

 already had an outing with Daddy and Cohen to the botanical gardens .
I knew the second leg of my flight from Milwaukee into Denver would be fine when I saw the tail of the plane I would be on.  A parrot!  What a good omen for me!  The first part of the trip, from Raleigh to Milwaukee, was on Midwest and it was the nicest flight I've had in years. I can't say enough for the service on both the Midwest and the Frontier flights.  I recommend these carriers to anyone flying in their areas of service.