Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out to eat after our visit to see the flowers in the Denver Gardens. 

I finally was able to hug and kiss my newest grandchild!  What a treat.  And a fine little man he is!  Always happy and as sweet as can be.Sophia is a doll!  We have been have

 already had an outing with Daddy and Cohen to the botanical gardens .
I knew the second leg of my flight from Milwaukee into Denver would be fine when I saw the tail of the plane I would be on.  A parrot!  What a good omen for me!  The first part of the trip, from Raleigh to Milwaukee, was on Midwest and it was the nicest flight I've had in years. I can't say enough for the service on both the Midwest and the Frontier flights.  I recommend these carriers to anyone flying in their areas of service.   

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