Thursday, November 24, 2011

                 DON'T EAT TOO MUCH

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cyrus and Foo-Foo Kitty

A simple collage of my bestest buddies.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

 Oh Boy!  It has hit our house with a vengeance.  Margaret, Sophia, Cohen and I are all on antibiotics, cough meds, and/or steroids.  The little ones have sinus infections and Margaret and I have bronchitis.  These meds should take care of it so we will be able to eat turkey on Turkey Day. Speaking of which, on our way back for the doctor's office this morning Margaret and I spotted about a dozen wild turkeys at the edge of a wood.   And then, I saw some beautiful, huge, and I mean huge, pine cones under some trees on the side of the road.  We stopped and gathered as many as our little arms would hold.  They will do wonderfully for holiday decorations. 
I hope all of you 'out there' are well and ready to enjoy this Thanksgiving Day.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Anna, just home from the hospital.      Nov. 1970
                                    My baby that smiled the most........

                                            With her mom in the early 1971

                                        Sometime in the '80's with her mom.                       

             There are no words to express the joy of having the love of a daughter.
              There is no blessing greater than having watched her grow into a woman
               who is a blessing to those that are able to call her sister and friend. 
               To see her become the mother you wish you could have been is
               beyond measure.  And, to know I continue to received her love
               is more than I could have hoped for.            
              Anna, I am glad you were born!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And proud to be your mother.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check out this article on
Really? $4.3 Million for That Photo?

Don't you get it? This is not fine art, nor is it fine photography.  It is Digital Manipulation.  And, it is HOT.  I say, HOT, HOT, HOT!  I sure wish I understood the directions on GIMP or in PhotoShop.  I could be RICH. I SAY RICH!  As in Green, Green, Green Money rich.  Oh, Lord help me!

A few pictures from a walk around the yard this afternoon.








Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vincent and his family have returned from a 2 week vacation in Denver, CO.  They said all had a good time.  Of course, everyone has come back pretty worn out.  Just as we all do when we've gotten away from it all. 
The kids lounged all day yesterday as I watched them.  Toward the end of the afternoon I turned on the DVD player so we could relax in front of the boob tube;  they rolled around on the floor pretending to rest while I sat on the sofa pretending to knit.  Just as we were all getting cranky Mom came home and Sophia turned to me and said, " You can go upstairs now. "  So I did.


If you would love to see some beautiful pictures of awesome trees please go here!
(Anna, I think you would really like these!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sleepy Time Blues or Are you coming to bed?

This is Foo Foo Kitty letting me know it is time for sleeping, not blog reading or surfing the net.  My nightly ( it is my daily routine too, but we won't go there) routine is to use my laptop in bed and just read blogs or watch some movies.  Foo does not like this.    Bed time IS Foo time.

 He maneuvers himself into position and gets me by the throat.  The pressure from his hind leg pressing on my windpipe leaves me breathless.  I become oxygen deprived and drowsy.

Help...He has me just where he wants me.  And he is just where he wants to be,  blocking me from keyboard and computer screen.  All I can see, taste or feel is fur. You would think I would put an end to this domestic violence.  But no, it goes on night after night.  A ritual, our own private ( until now) dance.  Boo-Hoo!

If you had this face looking at you, uh..well, the other end of this face pointing at you, wouldn't you abandon the computer, turn off all the lights and go to sleep too?
When the lights are out, we snuggle and make peace.   It is love.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thank you Anna and Trey!

My daughter, Anna, and her son, Trey,  had Margaret and I over to celebrate our birthday.
We had tacos (she asked what we would like to eat so I jumped at the chance to have a favorite) for dinner and birthday cake for desert.   Anna made beautiful birthday cards for each of us.  It was a fun and very relaxing evening. 
                                                 Margaret and Mary
                                          Margaret       Anna           Mary
                                  Trey teasing his Aunt Maggie and Grandma'.

                                               Funyun in his babushka!


Friday, November 11, 2011


 My Uncle Leo.  Killed on his ship which was sunk by a mine in the English Channel. 
  1945   WWll             US Merchant Marine
Leo's brother, Uncle Micky, shot down one day after the bombing of Nagasaki.
WWll          US Navy

My dad (on left,) with 2 of his buddies aboard ship during WWll.  Both of his friends were killed when their ship was torpedoed.  Dad survived the war and stayed in the Navy retiring as a Chief Petty Officer after 20 years of service.

 My ex-husband in his Huey.  He was pilot in Vietnam.      US Army

This picture was taken the day my brother left for Vietnam.   My sister and I  are posing with him before he boards for transport.                US Marine

This is my Big Brother who also served in Vietnam.  He was an artillery officer and retired as a Lt. Col. after 20 years of service.        US Army

This is my eldest son ( with his little brother )the day he returned from Desert Storm.   US Air Force

And this is my eldest grandson ( my eldest son's son) who is currently serving in Kuwait.  He is pictured here with his sister and mother.   US Air Force
I have many more relatives that have served our country in  war and peace.  I wish to acknowledge their service and the service of all those that have served, fought and died, so that you and I could live in the freedom of this great country as we do today.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I really like zinnias.  These are the last hangers on in the flower bed.

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