Monday, November 7, 2011

Banjo Wins!

Banjo's ribbons from Knoxville.

Banjo and Maisy on the foot of Margaret's bed.

                                             Nikki getting a back scratch.

And my baby, Cyrus, looking for some time with me as I wander around the house taking pictures for this post. ( Of course, he is here with me now.)

Margaret returned from a trip to Knoxville which she and Banjo had made with several of her dog friends.  Well, actually, Banjo with his dog friends and Margaret with her people friends.   They all went down together for an AKC show and all of the dogs won ribbons!  I don't understand all of the stuff but they were all pleased and I know Banjo did very well as he is just beginning his career on the show circuits.  So..I thought I would share a picture or two of Banjo and some of the rest of the family.

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