Thursday, November 3, 2011

An odd mix

    I thought I would post a few old pictures today.   They are in no special order.  They're just pictures I have picked because I like the photo itself, I want to share a needlework project I have done or I wish to share a picture of something I think is pretty.  I hope you will enjoy them. 
    This is a fun felted  purse
    I made for one of my daughters a couple of years ago. 
    I made this felted hat for my baby sister a few years ago.  This is a crocheted
     Christening gown.  I have  made many of these as gifts.  This one was the last one I made and it was for my grandson, Trey.   He is a freshman in high school now.   Good Lord!  I doesn't  feel like it has been that long since I made one of these!
    And this is a picture of my baby sister's dog, Judy, when she was a puppy.  Now this is a cute puppy!
    And to end on a sunny, warm and colorful note these are pictures I took while in Denver, CO two years ago.

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