Sunday, October 30, 2011

One of my favorite things

This sculpture is in the public library in Statesville, NC, the town I used to live in.  I never tired of seeing it.  Everything about it is happy.  It is alive with curious children and nurturing adults.  I can feel the excitement of the piece each time I look at it. I marvel at the activity and warmth present in a work made from 'cold gray steel'.  And though the figures contain many straight lines there is no stiffness to them.  It is all very relaxed, comfortable motion,  don't you think?  And it conveys the real excitement  of discovery too.  Why, I can just see those wheels turning as everyone learns.  It's just plain fun ! 
6-21-2007-287.  6-21-2007-286

*The pictures and and information below are from the Iredell County [NC] public library web site.
This sculpture is located in the main lobby. It is the work of Pittsboro, North Carolina artist Steve Cote. Cote visited the library while it was under construction to get a sense of the design of the new building. He spent about five months creating the nine feet tall, and seven feet deep sculpture. Some of the material used in the project is steel that was donated by Gordon’s Steel of Statesville. *
Steve Cote SculptureThe sculpture is presented by Martha Drum Hazelton and the Iredell Friends of the Library. Ms. Hazelton generously donated the sculpture to honor her parents J.D. and Marion Drum. Hazelton notes that this is a “once in a lifetime opportunity to make this kind of lasting donation to my community.” *

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  1. I love interesting sculpture and this one definitely is, and so appropriate for where it was placed. Very cool.


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