Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A little bit of Fall.....

The nights have not been cold enough to coax forth any but the easiest and dullest of Fall colors, and the ever present damp has caused black spot and mold to blemish those.
PA180045The morning sun has produced the longer shadows of Fall but lets the heavy dew linger well into the day.
The wild rose is a mass of string like, knotted  branches.
PA180047And the blackberry vines, like so many of the other plants, have been fooled by our Indian Summer days. PA180019
The maple's are trying to dress appropriately but the rag weed is still the gayest and brightest of Fall's fashion set.

The pine tress are dropping their needles as if critically ill.  I am afraid this little road front break will be gone before long.

The forsythia are beginning to act as if it is Autumn,  though they do not believe it.
PA180085And, some flowers are down right confused.

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