Saturday, October 1, 2011

A visit from Uncle Mauro

The weather was cool enough to induce Mauro to bring his bike out for a long ride and for Toni to make sure the kids had on hooded sweatshirts when they came out to greet him.  
 The best part of Uncle Mauro's visit is getting to sit on his bike. 
Both Mauro and I tried to get  pictures of Sophia and Cohen.  We managed a few pictures but neither of us could get a shot of them both looking the same way at the same time.  I think these are cute shots anyway.  I just wish I had gotten a picture of Mauro looking at the camera.
 Thank you for the visit son!

Here is Sophia in front of a hole Emma dug.  
 Yesterday when Cohen and I walked around the side of the house Emma was digging,  she stopped,  picked up teddy and dropped him into the hole.  When she saw the hole was not deep enough she removed teddy and started digging agian, once more she stopped and dropped teddy in !  At this point Cohen squeeled and ran toward her and she 'rund oftdid '.   I believe Emma's intent was to hide teddy from the other dogs.  Emma is very possesive of her babies and keeps them hidden inside too.  It doesn't look as if she'll get back to hiding this teddy though as he has been left out overnight and into this evening.

This is Cohen as he has a real kicking and screaming fit in the yard.  He is mad at his dad.  It doesn't convey all of the drama but this will be a good picture to show him in the future when he says, " I'll never let a kid of mine act like that!" 

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