Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Purse....

I am making this bag for Toni.
 I like the way the variegated cream and brown yarn's color blended during the felting process,  but I am very disappointed in the shape of the bag.  It is lopsided.  I have been trying to  mold it into proper proportion as it dries but that is not working as I had hoped it would.  While it was in the hot water wash the i-cord was caught around the agitator and it stretched the whole bag out of shape.  Totally my fault.   I thought I would be smart and not put the bag in a pillow case while felting it.  WRONG!  Don't ever make this mistake...No matter what the pattern directions say.  I think tomorrow I will use the steam machine on it and see if a few tugs here and there will improve its disposition.  If not it will be in some very hot water again !
This is yarn for a few more bags and the material I will be using to line them with.  Maybe after I have made these I will have the process down to an art and the bags will be up to snuff.

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