Sunday, January 14, 2018

Birthday Wishes for My First Born......

 Born February 9, 1969                                                           
 My first born baby will be celebrating his, gulp, 48th birthday in February. His daughter will be making him a grandfather in May.  ( I know he will love being a grandfather and he will make a good one. )   How surreal this all seems to me.  When the kids were little and time was filled with the responsibilities of wife and mother it seemed time was dragging by and that there certainly was an unlimited amount of it stretched out before me.  I thought the old folks that said,  " Enjoy your kids now because they grow up fast. " were nuts, pure and simple. I could not imagine something I had never felt or seen.  I had not lived long enough to look back on the majority of my life nor had I seen enough of life to start contemplating my end.  I am at that point now though.  My children stopped physically needing me long ago and have long since become emotionally independent.  They became, in spite of me, and I hope somewhat because of me,  strong, good, loving and productive people.  I know the vast majority of their goodness and success is because of their own mental, emotional and spiritual strength though. It is a true blessing when your children grow to be better and stronger than you are.  

                                                    Happy Birthday, Son! I love you. 
                                               You are a fine man.  I am proud of you. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gotta' Brag

                 Maggie........being a Grandma is wonderful no matter how old the grandchildren are.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I tell you what, folks, I've started using Twitter and Instagram. I wanted to see what all the fuss over Trump's Tweeting was about.  I actually like the variety of info. and opinions you find on Twitter.  I've been led to some pretty interesting and some scary sites.  Since my attention span is about as long as that of a  hungry toddler I imagine I'll be out of this phase soon.  As for Instagram, I'll probably stick with it a little longer as my family posts pics of grandkids there and, of course, I love seeing those.  Some of my ' children' take pretty nice photographs during their travels too.   I never think to go to FaceBook though I've had an account with them for awhile.

This is my youngest daughter with her new daughter.   Maggie, ( Margaret Emily ), has been here since September so she is not all that " new " but new enough.....I'm still pretty excited about her!

 And, to beat all, I'll become a Great Grandmother this May!  The world keeps a turnin'.

Jane is going to the doctor this morning to have her ears checked,  I believe she has an ear infection.  Because of her allergies, she has a lot of medical issues.  Between her skin rashes, itching skin, inflammation and her yeast infections she is pretty miserable the majority of the time or, at least would be, if it were not for her daily medications.  She takes two prescription medications on a daily basis and one twice a week when she is doing well and extra meds when she is ill.  I spend more on her than I ever did my kids or myself. I know it is not the rational thing to do, especially with my limited income but she is my companion and friend. Never while I was younger would I have invested my money, time and emotion in an animal like I have her.  I  have, in fact, become a person I  used to say I could not understand.  After all, an animal is just an animal, not a person.  Wrong!  She fills my days with pleasure and love.  Her devotion is beyond measure and her companionship priceless. The older I get the more wrapped up in her I become.
Jane Doe shares every waking and sleeping moment with me.  I think everything she does is cute and wonderful.  My adult kids think kinder of me than I did of people like me when I was their age.  ( I thought old people that doted on their pets were nuts. )  They tolerate my stinky, yes, stinky dog and her irritating bark when we are together.  She is not yappy but can be vocal when she wants something, " Its time to go home,  NOW "  or, when I ask her something, " Are you hungry? "  " Do you need your itchy pill? "   She is a dachshund beagle mix and has the vocal capabilities of both breeds.  I try not to rile her up.  When the doorbell rings all hell breaks loose. She keeps me safe. No one will enter the house with a mad dog in it.    

Saturday, January 6, 2018