Saturday, December 31, 2011


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, no, wait a minute!  I mean, pay no attention to the mess behind the cat.  Oh, you looked.  Shame.... on me that is, for hanging my un-mention-ables on the chair back.   I always want my pictures to show how I live, in my head anyway, neat and clean,  but they show my real surroundings and sometimes  most of the time it is not pretty!  If you're curious about that UFO beside the chair, it is the magnifying light I use while I do needlework.   ( It has a dust cover on it. ) 
  Anyway, Foo-Foo extends his paw in peace and joins with me to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Toni is working her Christmas Eve magic and creating some very pretty Christmas packages for under the tree.

                           And Santa is sporting some pretty fancy deer this year.
(It is a little hard to see but these deer are painted to look like spotted cows.  They are displayed in the front yard at a dairy farm near our home.)  How cute is that!
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Season's Greetings!

I've been away too long and I've missed all of you.  I have once again been in bed for an extended period and have not been able to do much of anything.  But I want to pull myself up enough to send Christmas greetings to everyone and try to share in some of the excitement of the season.  It is my sincere wish that each and everyone have the blessings of this season and that you are able to share in the love and company of your family and friends.  

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Friday, December 16, 2011

A sure winner

This is Banjo, aka, Wesann's Sea of Dreams, as he competes in a recent dog show, the human legs shown beside him belong to Margaret, his handler in the the Italian Greyhound competition. He is co-owned with Margaret by Angela Davis, who has raised and bred Italian greyhounds for 30 years.  And, as you can see, Angela knows dogs....anyway, Margaret had stopped raising dogs for competition years ago but has decided to get back into it. She and Angela were friends form Margaret's earlier dog days so Margaret went back to see her for an IG (Italian Greyhound). It so happened Angela had Banjo and his mom and dad that were from Margaret's and Angela's  blood  line.  Is that not something! It was a sure sign for Margaret acting as conformation to her desire to show dogs again. So, here they are...Margaret and her Champion IG! You watch for more from Banjo. He has the right stuff.  At only 10 months of age with the right training he'll go far.  Just look at that gait! 
The little stinker is a ball of energy  running through out the house. He chews anything he can carry in this mouth.  He'll dig through garbage cans and stand up to reach dish towels or any thing else he can swipe off of a counter top.  In the blink of an eye
 he'll have destroyed the ill gotten goods and be back for more.  But...just look at that gait!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

We had a Birthday Girl

IMG_0161We had a birthday celebration the last week of Nov.  
IMG_0166Can you guess who the Birthday Girl was?
IMG_0168Would you believe she loves the colors of pink and purple and is a princess?
I bet you can’t guess her age!  Give up?  Here is a hint.
IMG_0244Sophia is very enthusiastic when it comes to opening her gifts.
IMG_0233And they are wonderful indeed.
IMG_0241She may be a little rough on the gift wrapping but she  is always careful to read the package instructions before getting too carried away….
The party  starts to wind down as Sophia brings out her new tea service.
IMG_0268Cohen helps Sophia with the tea's preparation.
IMG_0288Now it is time to relax with cousin Trey before seeing her guests off.  What an exciting day!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

                 DON'T EAT TOO MUCH

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cyrus and Foo-Foo Kitty

A simple collage of my bestest buddies.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

 Oh Boy!  It has hit our house with a vengeance.  Margaret, Sophia, Cohen and I are all on antibiotics, cough meds, and/or steroids.  The little ones have sinus infections and Margaret and I have bronchitis.  These meds should take care of it so we will be able to eat turkey on Turkey Day. Speaking of which, on our way back for the doctor's office this morning Margaret and I spotted about a dozen wild turkeys at the edge of a wood.   And then, I saw some beautiful, huge, and I mean huge, pine cones under some trees on the side of the road.  We stopped and gathered as many as our little arms would hold.  They will do wonderfully for holiday decorations. 
I hope all of you 'out there' are well and ready to enjoy this Thanksgiving Day.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Anna, just home from the hospital.      Nov. 1970
                                    My baby that smiled the most........

                                            With her mom in the early 1971

                                        Sometime in the '80's with her mom.                       

             There are no words to express the joy of having the love of a daughter.
              There is no blessing greater than having watched her grow into a woman
               who is a blessing to those that are able to call her sister and friend. 
               To see her become the mother you wish you could have been is
               beyond measure.  And, to know I continue to received her love
               is more than I could have hoped for.            
              Anna, I am glad you were born!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And proud to be your mother.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check out this article on
Really? $4.3 Million for That Photo?

Don't you get it? This is not fine art, nor is it fine photography.  It is Digital Manipulation.  And, it is HOT.  I say, HOT, HOT, HOT!  I sure wish I understood the directions on GIMP or in PhotoShop.  I could be RICH. I SAY RICH!  As in Green, Green, Green Money rich.  Oh, Lord help me!

A few pictures from a walk around the yard this afternoon.