Monday, December 5, 2011

We had a Birthday Girl

IMG_0161We had a birthday celebration the last week of Nov.  
IMG_0166Can you guess who the Birthday Girl was?
IMG_0168Would you believe she loves the colors of pink and purple and is a princess?
I bet you can’t guess her age!  Give up?  Here is a hint.
IMG_0244Sophia is very enthusiastic when it comes to opening her gifts.
IMG_0233And they are wonderful indeed.
IMG_0241She may be a little rough on the gift wrapping but she  is always careful to read the package instructions before getting too carried away….
The party  starts to wind down as Sophia brings out her new tea service.
IMG_0268Cohen helps Sophia with the tea's preparation.
IMG_0288Now it is time to relax with cousin Trey before seeing her guests off.  What an exciting day!

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  1. She is so cute!!!
    I think she had a wonderful birthday.
    Christmas is coming too! I bet your house will be full of joy.


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