Friday, December 16, 2011

A sure winner

This is Banjo, aka, Wesann's Sea of Dreams, as he competes in a recent dog show, the human legs shown beside him belong to Margaret, his handler in the the Italian Greyhound competition. He is co-owned with Margaret by Angela Davis, who has raised and bred Italian greyhounds for 30 years.  And, as you can see, Angela knows dogs....anyway, Margaret had stopped raising dogs for competition years ago but has decided to get back into it. She and Angela were friends form Margaret's earlier dog days so Margaret went back to see her for an IG (Italian Greyhound). It so happened Angela had Banjo and his mom and dad that were from Margaret's and Angela's  blood  line.  Is that not something! It was a sure sign for Margaret acting as conformation to her desire to show dogs again. So, here they are...Margaret and her Champion IG! You watch for more from Banjo. He has the right stuff.  At only 10 months of age with the right training he'll go far.  Just look at that gait! 
The little stinker is a ball of energy  running through out the house. He chews anything he can carry in this mouth.  He'll dig through garbage cans and stand up to reach dish towels or any thing else he can swipe off of a counter top.  In the blink of an eye
 he'll have destroyed the ill gotten goods and be back for more.  But...just look at that gait!

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Just dropped in to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2012!
    Wow! Don't the years fly by quick?
    Cheers..... Bernard.


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