Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Curiosity killed the cat...........not!..But, I did get some cute pictures.

Here the watched is the watcher.....

Don't worry, neither subject was left in close proximity any longer than it took to take these pictures. I won't let Cyrus hurt the kitty.

" I'm so pretty, oh so pretty "

" Meow "

" What makes you think you can ignore me? "
" Turn off the flash, please! "

Foo-Foo 'sneaking' off with a scrap of paper...he has found a fine toy indeed!

Foo-Foo Kitty joined me as soon as I opened my scrapbook and began to finish a page....I gave up, got my camera and took all of these shots inside of 5 minutes....What a cat!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Afternoon Stroll

Cyrus and I went out for a short walk this afternoon.  I have wanted  to see if he would ride in or on the stroller.  He actually did rather well standing on the the stroller's canopy.  On the driveways smooth surface he did well, but,  as the ride became bumpy on the black top he became nervous and wasn't too pleased.  We managed go a pretty good distance before heading back home.  He was anxious to get back on my arm.  We'll see if he will allow me to take him on the stroller again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love Catalogs?

OH LORD!  I can't stop laughing at myself.  When recommending a site it would help if I  spelled the site name correctly!!!
I apologize for the earlier post in which I messed up the site's name! ...try !

A Movie review......

I watched Burn After Reading on Amazon's Video on Demand today.  It was well worth seeing.  I thought I would pass on a short review so you could decide if it is something you would want to see.
Burn after Reading kept me riveted to the screen. I was caught up in the lives of the characters from the start and could not help but become involved in the intrigue and interweaving of the characters lives. I felt the emotions of each character and was drawn into the life of each individual in a way that I haven't been with a movie in years. This is truly a dark comedy which is well worth viewing, if for no other reason than the absolutely wonderful writing and the best acting I have seen in a movie in a very, very, long time. I can't praise the writers and actors enough. Like a good book, I will return to this movie again and again.
If you want to see a "spy thriller" and a movie in which you are drawn into the heart and mind of each individual through their privite lives, their work, and, their desires watch this movie.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Scrapping Friend

 This is my goodest friend, Kelley. She came over today to do some scrapping. No, I didn't have all those people in the back ground over too. That picture was actually made in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2009, when Kelley was kind enough to invite me to a scrapathon held at the Sheraton. I would wake early and walk on the beach.  After Kelley and Diane (another scrapper with us) would wake, we'd go to the Sheraton from her condo to begin the marathon of paper, scissors, tape and pictures. We would break only long enough to admire one anther's work, then go back to creating and preserving memories. At any rate, Kelley and I have fun working, talking, and solving the worlds problems together. Thank you, Kelley, for being my friend!
note:see Oct. 2009 blog entry
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cyrus just hasn't the clout Kitty does!

I cannot leave Cyrus, or his antics, out of this blog for long. He likes to come downstairs with me and watch the out doors goings-on. As long as I am in the room with him, Cyrus will sit with very little comment for most of the afternoon.
In these shots he is trying to impress Margaret when she came down to visit. After bobbing around and squeeling for a few minutes he stopped to gauge her reaction. He stretched out in defeat when Margaret was not duly impressed and continued with his watching......Better luck next time, Cy!
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Foo-Foo's Territorial Coup

Kitty Foo-Foo has taken over my night stand and he is mighty comfortable with it. The stand was my lap top's resting place and a convenient place for my cell phone to be.
I listen to audible books at night and therefore leave my laptop open on the night stand. I would wake to find someone had been messing with the computer, smudged the screen, and tossed my cell phone to the floor. Foo-Foo, being the cat he is, outed himself very quickly. As brazen as can be, right before my very eyes, he stepped onto the open laptop and started rubbing his face along the screen's edge and pushed my cell phone to the floor.  Now, I know when to back out of a situation and this was one of those times.  Kitty now is King of another hill. For good measure, to show me I am not to be too self-assured anywhere in my room, as I lay on the bed Foo-Foo walked over me, plopped down and let me know the bed is his if and when he so desires.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning All!

The sky was very pretty this morning, and a bit unusual with the way the clouds were, so, I thought I would share....Have a good day! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


  Margaret's children wait to be  fed a snack. And, I do mean fed with a fork!! They are, front row, left to right, Maisey, Charlotte, Spot, Back row, Oscar, Bethanne and Lucy. Zachery, Emma and Grace are not pictured. I will post their portraits've had enough of a shock for now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Miss. Piggy

This is Bethanne, she is one of Margaret's dogs.  Bethie, as we often call her,  is the happiest dog in the world. ( Margaret calls her her change of life baby. ) Bethie is, shall we say, a little on the slow side.  Love her heart,  she is such a joy and pleasure we don't know what we'd do without her around to cheer us.  Bethie is a tad over weight and has a hard time breathing so she snorts when she trys to move fast.  Sophia heard her snorting and was thrilled and confused.  She got very excited and said, "That's a piggy!"

sans limites.....isadora duncan

 In these pictures Sophia is showing Aunt Margaret her newest dance routine. You must see Miss.Sophia in motion to appreciate the sheer beauty of her art form.  She is wonderful, another Isadora Duncan!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cohen and Sophia come for a visit.

Sophia and Cohen came for a visit yesterday.  Their mommy, Toni, had a job interview and I took care of them while she was there.  I hadn't seen any of Vincent's family for over a week as they have all had colds. ( If I don't have a 'hug fix' I'm apt to go into withdrawl.)  Sophia was feeling well, where as, Cohen,  still had a bit of a stuffed up nose and wasn't feeling well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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 Cyrus is  having his beak trimmed while he is still asleep after having his physical and his flight feathers and nails trimmed. The veterinarian uses a Dermal tool to grind down and smooth his beak.

The Plexiglas chamber is where the vet. places the birds to be examined.  He places the bird's  head into the cone you see inside  the chamber, (it is clear with a black rubber ring on the open end) and the bird is given enough gas to put him to sleep.   The doctor can then do a physical exam and trim the wing feathers and nails.

As soon a Cyrus is back in the car he notices his sharp claws are no longer as they were!  He hates to have his nails trimmed and dulled so he starts right to work sharpening them again.  He will not be satisfied until his nails are as as sharp as the finest hypodermic needle! 

Just look at his look of surprise!  Why this is incredible! 
He is still not himself, but, he will rally and work for the rest of the evening to hone the nails to the beginnings of becoming lethal weapons. 

I have the feeling Cyrus has a way to go before he is back to his 'ole self!  He cannot for the life of himself remember how his nails got sooooo dull, or, if those feet are really his!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time Outside

Although hot today there was a nice breeze and pleasant shade to find shelter in under the trees, so, I grabbed my little camera, and Cyrus, and we took a stroll around the yard.  There we found Margaret surrounded by the babies as she trimmed a shrub.

The blue sky was filled with puffy white clouds and there was bright sun shine; a pleasant change from the gray days of heat and rain we have been having.