Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look what the dog drug in!!!!!

This is THE dog, Maisey.

Maisey was very proud of herself when she came bounding out of the woods behind our house and had this kitten in her mouth.  She brought it up to Margaret and laid it at her feet.  
 Several years ago Maisey had a litter of puppies and at the same time,  Jim's cat, Georgia,  had a litter of kittens.   Georgia would not care for her babies so Maisey let them nurse her.  Ever since that time Maisey has loved kittens. 
 This poor kitty was starving and as wild as a hare.   Thank goodness it must have been the only kitty Maisey could find as she didn't bring any more home.         
 Kitty still isn't named, but she is making herself at home.   She has grown a great deal and though still wild she eats well and loves to play.  
Here she is watching me as I am walking around the yard. 

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  1. Wow! Even Maisey knows Aunt Maggie can't turn an animal away! :) Cute! She is SUCH a SWEET DOG.


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