Friday, September 10, 2010

My New Live-In Companion

This is my grandson.  He has brought his long time buddy, Foo-Foo Kitty
to live with me.

This is Foo-Foo relaxing at his old home .....

And, below, you see Foo-Foo in his new home.  He seems relaxed enough, he is eating well, and using his litter box.   He'll walk around and check things out and even decided to jump up on my desk and try to steal some rubber bands, his favorite snack. When I told my daughter about the cats walking around in my scrapbooking area she and that he had taken some rubber bands she told me not to worry...... " You'll get the rubber bands back. "!
    At any rate,  I just couldn't tell whether he was hiding or sleeping or both when I took his picture. What is you vote?  Relaxed or hiding?

P.S.  The rubber bands are now under lock and key.  He didn't ingest any when he was searching for contraband, he had played with them but, apparently decided mine were not as good as his other Mommy's as they were left alone.


  1. Hey Mom! Looks like you are missing the picture of the hiding/sleeping "Food Kitty" as Clarence calls him. So, I can't vote. :( I like your new background! Love, Moo

  2. Thanks, sweetie. I have put the picture in...I deleted it somehow on the first go 'round.

  3. My vote is that he's relaxing! And probably planning on who to bite next. ;D


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