Wednesday, September 15, 2010


 Cyrus is  having his beak trimmed while he is still asleep after having his physical and his flight feathers and nails trimmed. The veterinarian uses a Dermal tool to grind down and smooth his beak.

The Plexiglas chamber is where the vet. places the birds to be examined.  He places the bird's  head into the cone you see inside  the chamber, (it is clear with a black rubber ring on the open end) and the bird is given enough gas to put him to sleep.   The doctor can then do a physical exam and trim the wing feathers and nails.

As soon a Cyrus is back in the car he notices his sharp claws are no longer as they were!  He hates to have his nails trimmed and dulled so he starts right to work sharpening them again.  He will not be satisfied until his nails are as as sharp as the finest hypodermic needle! 

Just look at his look of surprise!  Why this is incredible! 
He is still not himself, but, he will rally and work for the rest of the evening to hone the nails to the beginnings of becoming lethal weapons. 

I have the feeling Cyrus has a way to go before he is back to his 'ole self!  He cannot for the life of himself remember how his nails got sooooo dull, or, if those feet are really his!

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