Thursday, September 9, 2010

A mother's pride

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I am so proud of my adult children that I can't stand it.  I've tried not to brag on them in this blog, but,  I think it is time for me to sing their praises, and tell them, and the world,  how very proud and blessed I feel to have the decent,  responsible,  hard working children that I have.  In spite of of the challenges my mothering presented them with, and the challenges life has placed on them,  they have been persons of great dignity in all aspects of their lives. They are the people any parent would be blessed to have had the honor to raise.  They have conducted themselves as wonderful parents in the face of many hardships and educated themselves becoming contributors to their families, their fellow man and the world.  And, best of all they are better siblings, spouses, and parents than I could ever have been.  I thank God for them.  

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