Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foo-Foo's Territorial Coup

Kitty Foo-Foo has taken over my night stand and he is mighty comfortable with it. The stand was my lap top's resting place and a convenient place for my cell phone to be.
I listen to audible books at night and therefore leave my laptop open on the night stand. I would wake to find someone had been messing with the computer, smudged the screen, and tossed my cell phone to the floor. Foo-Foo, being the cat he is, outed himself very quickly. As brazen as can be, right before my very eyes, he stepped onto the open laptop and started rubbing his face along the screen's edge and pushed my cell phone to the floor.  Now, I know when to back out of a situation and this was one of those times.  Kitty now is King of another hill. For good measure, to show me I am not to be too self-assured anywhere in my room, as I lay on the bed Foo-Foo walked over me, plopped down and let me know the bed is his if and when he so desires.  Posted by Picasa

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