Sunday, September 5, 2010

Old Buildings in Davie County, North Carolina.

I thought I would add a few pictures I had taken as I drove about the country side.  I enjoy looking at the old houses and barns.  I see the old tobacco barns and wonder about the men and women that worked so hard in the heat of the fields.  I wonder where the family that built what was once a desired and new home is and ask how it is that a home gets abandoned and left to ruin.  The original owners must be long dead.  Where are their children?  Why will they not come back?  What turned a house that was once a loved home into a place forgotten?
This is Kerr Mill, an old grist mill in Mt. Ulla, NC., not many miles from my home.  It has been restored and the land around it turned into a state park.  It is a nice little day trip.

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  1. LOve your pics. Have you ever considered walking in these buildings?


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