Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Really? $4.3 Million for That Photo?

Don't you get it? This is not fine art, nor is it fine photography.  It is Digital Manipulation.  And, it is HOT.  I say, HOT, HOT, HOT!  I sure wish I understood the directions on GIMP or in PhotoShop.  I could be RICH. I SAY RICH!  As in Green, Green, Green Money rich.  Oh, Lord help me!


  1. On the subject of 'fine photography' - I just love that header picture of Cyrus.
    Really good.

  2. It's absurd, isn't it? I have to wonder about the person who bought it. What's missing in their life? Apparently, a lot, considering that they believe this will add something to it. Yikes.

  3. Thank you, Bernard. I took that while Cyrus and I were out by the pool one day this past summer.

  4. Teresa, I believe the buyer must believe he has made an money investment...or maybe the buyer was his mother.

  5. I see my problem is taking too many pictures. I need to take about four. A life. And it's too late to be rare now.

  6. You could still be/get raw Murr. It just wouldn't be the same as when you/we were young. I mean younger. It sounds like it would hurt though.


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