Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thank you Anna and Trey!

My daughter, Anna, and her son, Trey,  had Margaret and I over to celebrate our birthday.
We had tacos (she asked what we would like to eat so I jumped at the chance to have a favorite) for dinner and birthday cake for desert.   Anna made beautiful birthday cards for each of us.  It was a fun and very relaxing evening. 
                                                 Margaret and Mary
                                          Margaret       Anna           Mary
                                  Trey teasing his Aunt Maggie and Grandma'.

                                               Funyun in his babushka!



  1. Happy birthday! Funyun, what a cute name!! I am following you but I don't show up? Wonder why? xo

  2. Great pictures. Even Funyun looks good. :) I like that you are color coordinated and I'm sure it wasn't planned. Silly twins!


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