Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sleepy Time Blues or Are you coming to bed?

This is Foo Foo Kitty letting me know it is time for sleeping, not blog reading or surfing the net.  My nightly ( it is my daily routine too, but we won't go there) routine is to use my laptop in bed and just read blogs or watch some movies.  Foo does not like this.    Bed time IS Foo time.

 He maneuvers himself into position and gets me by the throat.  The pressure from his hind leg pressing on my windpipe leaves me breathless.  I become oxygen deprived and drowsy.

Help...He has me just where he wants me.  And he is just where he wants to be,  blocking me from keyboard and computer screen.  All I can see, taste or feel is fur. You would think I would put an end to this domestic violence.  But no, it goes on night after night.  A ritual, our own private ( until now) dance.  Boo-Hoo!

If you had this face looking at you, uh..well, the other end of this face pointing at you, wouldn't you abandon the computer, turn off all the lights and go to sleep too?
When the lights are out, we snuggle and make peace.   It is love.
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