Friday, November 11, 2011


 My Uncle Leo.  Killed on his ship which was sunk by a mine in the English Channel. 
  1945   WWll             US Merchant Marine
Leo's brother, Uncle Micky, shot down one day after the bombing of Nagasaki.
WWll          US Navy

My dad (on left,) with 2 of his buddies aboard ship during WWll.  Both of his friends were killed when their ship was torpedoed.  Dad survived the war and stayed in the Navy retiring as a Chief Petty Officer after 20 years of service.

 My ex-husband in his Huey.  He was pilot in Vietnam.      US Army

This picture was taken the day my brother left for Vietnam.   My sister and I  are posing with him before he boards for transport.                US Marine

This is my Big Brother who also served in Vietnam.  He was an artillery officer and retired as a Lt. Col. after 20 years of service.        US Army

This is my eldest son ( with his little brother )the day he returned from Desert Storm.   US Air Force

And this is my eldest grandson ( my eldest son's son) who is currently serving in Kuwait.  He is pictured here with his sister and mother.   US Air Force
I have many more relatives that have served our country in  war and peace.  I wish to acknowledge their service and the service of all those that have served, fought and died, so that you and I could live in the freedom of this great country as we do today.

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  1. We are lucky to live in such a wonderful country! Thank you to our family members and all the other members of the military for keeping us safe.


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